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Let me introduce myself ;)

Hello Lovelies!

My name is Amanda D'Aversa and I am the owner and creator of Creations D'Aversa. What is Creations D'Aversa about? We want to offer customers that online shopping experience of all pretty little things while still being able to get a customized and personal gift to spoil yourself or a loved one. How did we start? While planning my own wedding, I had realized how much fun it was to create projects for myself to display, for example backdrops, photo props, signs and many more. My mother helped me out with soooooo many of my wedding projects and we work well together as a team. My mother's name is Rosie, and she works here with me at Creations D'Aversa.

A little about me. I am 28 years old and live in Laval which is located just outside of Montreal, Quebec. I've been married to a fabulous husband for almost two years and loving every minute of it. I also have a full time job where I work with people who have mild intellectual disabilities. We help them learn and maintain independent living skills that they will or are using in their community. SO i have TWO full time jobs so life is busy. I hope you all can bear with me if processing time is taking a little longer than usual because I am working really hard at maintaining both right now. I love being a business WOMAN and I love helping people! My goal in life is to see how I can fit the two together. I know the path that I believe I am supposed to be on but I will share that with all of you in another post.

So welcome to my website of pretty little things and I hope that you all will enjoy my products as it grows over time with all of you.

Until next time,


(Yes you will realize that I am Gossip Girl obsessed)